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CT HYD 325

The HYD 325/325 is designed for motor boats and deep footed sailing yachts ranging from 52’-90’. The largest in the hydraulic tunnel thruster range, this twin propeller model has a 315mm diameter tunnel and is available in bronze only. Two different power options offer a thrust rating of up to 250/550 (kg/lbs) or 275/606(kg/lbs).

Max-Power Hydraulic thrusters A 240mm
B 240mm
C 240mm
D 300mm
E 9mm-10mm
Weight: 24kg

Max-Power thruster gear box

Model CT325 HYD 14CC CT325 HYD 19CC
Thrust (kg/Ibs) 250/551 275/606
Hydraulic Power 14kw 20kw
Flow 38lpm 45lpm
Pressure 220bar 250bar



Max-Power GRP tubes

TUNNEL Ø315x1.5 mtr TUNNEL Ø315x2.0 mtr



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